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Graphic Design | Photography | Print | Boise Idaho

Over 20 Years Experience Slinging Pixels

Graphic Design ● Prepress Specialist

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with several Grand Format Print shops. Starting with Circle Graphics I was fortunate enough to help build and automate their Prepress department to become one of the nations largest and leading OOH Print operation. While working there I learned so much about Out Of Home Advertising as well as wide & grand format printing.

I have refined that knowledge and today it is put to use creating custom designs for the Pageantry Arts world (Marching Band, Percussion, Winter Guard) as well as the OOH industry (billboards, banners, signage and more).

I offer Print Consultation services to audit & help Print shops grow their business with more automation and less overhead. 


Real Estate and Architectural Photography

These have been a passion of mine for the last decade or so. It combines a lot of skills that I have when it comes to blending and merging images in Photoshop. Add in flash/speedlights and it becomes quite the fun process! Beyond the technical side that I love, experiencing and capturing beautiful homes, commercial buildings and spaces has been such a fulfilling life experience! 


I have always loved capturing nature as a Photographer. My favorite subject has to be a beautiful single track trail meandering through the woods with mountain peaks in the background. Being able to ride right into that picture after I take it and remembering that moment via the photograph is phenomenal!

Action Sport and Concert Photography

As a former Motocross, Enduro and BMX racer, I know how cool it is to have a split second moment of time captured for eternity when you are performing at your best doing the things you love!


Stars, Planets, the last frontier... What else needs to be said? How cool is it to sit and stare at the night sky while attempting to capture the heavens!? One day I hope to invest more resources and time into this field. Until then I will do my best to capture these with my tools at hand. 

My Photo Story

Way back in the 90s I developed a passion for Photography. Growing up my brother and I were fortunate to have a nice Olympus SLR film camera. That camera started it all! Well that and following in my brothers footsteps taking every Photo class offered at Columbine High School. Mrs. H. taught the foundation for the Photographer I have become today. We learned everything from processing film to processing images in ancient versions of Adobe Photoshop. Funny how I hardly remember any of my teachers in HS or College other than Mrs. H. and my Wood shop teacher Coach A. 

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